Creator's Fair Creator's Fair

A live-action blackbox role-playing game from 10 to 20 players.

This game uses a metaphorical setting to address issues such as abusive relationships, partner depersonalization and objectification, and the burden of breaking the social norms that surround us. The experience is preceded by a collective workshop and concluded by a phase of debriefing and group comparison.

“It’s the year 18XX. In the last decades there was a boom in technology, and some scientists and inventors managed to create living mannequins called Automatas in order to help humanity with their everyday tasks. Since the Creators developed methods of giving their creations a self-consciousness, there’s an unwritten social norm that considers all Automatas inferior compared to humans.

Every year at the Creator’s Fair the most brilliant minds meet in order to present their new Automatas and to discuss about the changes the society is passing through.”

Creator's Fair - Honor Creator's Fair - Mingling Creator's Fair - Shame

Creator’s Fair was organized at:
creator’s fair awards:
  • Won the Italian Larp Festival 2018 “Best Setting” prize.
  • Finalist for the Play4Change “Miglior attività per il cambiamento sociale con uso di LARP”.