HIDE - Table

Her Inner Dead Ends is a freeform larp scenario for two players taking the role of two users of an online community dedicated to a fictional multimedia franchise that is closing and focuses on their first live meeting.

What happens when the community disappears and the connections are severed? What feelings are involved when the medium is abruptly taken away? What’s next? 

The game should be played in a cozy and peaceful public space: a bar, a pub or a restaurant are great for this purpose.

The MANY PATH Series is a transmedial franchise started with the “Her Inner Dead Ends” novel. The franchise gained many fans since the publication of the first novel and a lot of users gathered in the official HIDE community thanks to the unconventional and stratified narrative, innovativeness in the use of transmediality and cryptic mysteries. The series is famous for allegorical sections, stories prone to multiple interpretation and open-ended storylines that encouraged the fans to create a vast repertoire of theories. Since the cancellation of the HIDE animation series nothing new has been created  in the Many Paths franchise and many hypothesized that the author might have lost interest in the whole project.

This game won the Golden Cobra Challenge 2015 “Most Polished and Ready-to-Play Game” award.

Click here to download a print & play version of the game.