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A freeform live-action role-playing game about nostalgia and how places change, co-designed with Beatrice Sgaravatto and Francesco Zani.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to see your city with the eyes of somebody who lived their whole life there and at the same time with the eyes of somebody who left to live elsewhere and is back after some years? In Leave or Stay players take the role of people from the same town or city. Some of these people left a while ago but are now back, some of them never left. Play the discussions about their perception of the town and their role in it now that it’s changed.

This game participated in the Golden Cobra Challenge 2018.

Click here to download a print & play version of the game.


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LEAVE OF STAY’s fair awards:
  • Won the Italian Larp Festival 2021 “Out of the Box” prize.